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During the Weight the Waste event at C-street, volunteers weighed 461 pounds of
food waste and counted 1,622 take-out boxes.

New Changes to Recyclemania Hope to Decrease Campus Footprint

February 12, 2020

As strange as it can feel to hand your unfinished meal or empty to-go box to someone in the cafeteria, these are just some of...

Op-Ed: Yes, Seattle University “Recycles” but We Need to get Better At it

Guest Writer, Author

March 7, 2018

Many of us have found ourselves standing in front of a recycling and garbage can, trying to decide where to dispose of the thing we just used. e pictures and labels on the bins around campus are helpful, but don’t encompass everything. Too often, because we want to feel like our efforts are contributing to something positive, we just toss i...

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