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Seattle U’s Own Peter Parker Steps Up as Editor-in-Chief

June 5, 2019

Jake Gyllenhaal, baseball and politics are a few of Alec Downing’s favorite things. With interests spanning from arts &...

“Avengers Endgame”: A Fitting Finale

May 1, 2019

Warning: Light Spoilers It’s finally here. The culmination of 21 Marvel movies and 11 years rests on “Endgame”’s shoulder...

Horoscopes: The Signs as Marvel Characters

April 24, 2019

STARS INTERPRETED BY: ASTROMO Aquarius 1/21-2/19 Spider-Man   Pisces 2/20-3/20 Groot   Aries ...

Unsuccessful Symbiote: Venom’s Writing Dooms Spider-Man Flick

October 10, 2018

“Venom,” the new Marvel superhero movie focusing on the titular antihero from the Spiderman comics, is Sony Pictures’ a...

Marvel’s Infinity War Dares to be Big

Henry Tupper, Author

May 3, 2018

Marvel fans are buzzing about “Avengers: Infinity War,” as it unites an epic cast including characters from almost every major Marvel film. Directors Anthony and Joe Russo embarked on the considerable task of making a cohesive blockbuster film with over 12 major characters while also maintaining the integrity of the Marvel universe. While the mov...

Marvel at MOPOP: Humanity of the Superhuman

Jordan Kenison, Author

April 25, 2018

“Avengers: Infinity War” hits theaters this Friday and represents the culmination of the last seventeen films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans of the franchise have grown to love Iron Man, Captain America and the other Avengers, and the films have pleased general audiences while still respecting the source material to ensure that hardcore...

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