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Celebrating the Life of Father Peter Ely S.J.

Celebrating the Life of Father Peter Ely S.J.

April 23, 2020

The Seattle University community lost Father Peter Ely S.J. on April 11. Starting as a professor in the Theology Department in...

Just Another Cover-Up

Guest Writer, Author

May 17, 2018

How rich…Seattle University is changing the name of the Connelly Center because its namesake protected a sexual predator in the 60’s. This is a cover-up of sexual abuse by erasing history. The Jesuits of the Oregon Province declared bankruptcy because its members abused more than 500 minors and vulnerable adults, mostly from the Native American Comm...

Seattle U Jesuit Deems Photo Offensive, Pulls Copies From Stands

April 18, 2018

Seattle University hosted its 10th annual Drag Show earlier this month. The event was lauded as a celebration of inclusion an...

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