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The Week in Review: June 6th

Sofía Muro-Wells, Managing Editor

June 10, 2018

Point In Time Count Finds 4 Percent Increase in People Experiencing Homelessness in King County— An annual homeless count reported a four percent increase in the total amount of homeless people in King County and an eight percent increase in unsheltered homeless people since 2017. The report found that 28 percent of the overall 12,112 homeless p...

Controversy stirs over Tax to Combat Homelessness Crisis

Sarah Haghi, Author

May 24, 2018

Homelessness is rampant in Seattle. The ever-increasing rates of people living on the streets, has also brought a rise in activism to lessen it. On May 14, the Seattle City Council voted to unanimously approve a head tax on companies making over $20 million annually. This means that over 585 companies in our city will pay $275 per full-time employee...


Seattle U Continues to Navigate Its Role in the Homelessness Crisis

April 19, 2017

A state of emergency is typically declared in the wake of natural disasters like floods, forest fires and tornadoes. In November...


A Tale of Two Cities: Mayors Address Homelessness Crisis

January 18, 2017

Students, staff and members of the Seattle community gathered last Wednesday  in Pigott Auditorium to hear how the state of hom...

City Council Bill Addresses Homeless in Public Areas

October 26, 2016

The sun sets, lights flicker off and most Seattleites brush their teeth before crawling into bed for the night—but not all of...

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