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Tent City Proposed to Return to Seattle U

Paige Wolfe, Author

May 25, 2016

A problem as common as it is misunderstood, homelessness continues to be an issue in Seattle. Despite efforts made by Seattle city government,there is still tremendous work to be done. Poll results from this year’s most recent election show that 60 percent of Seattle University’s student body strongly agree, or agree that the Student Government...

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Critic’s Corner: “Blackstar” gives Lasting Life to Bowie

January 20, 2016

Despite his death last Sunday at the age of 69, David Bowie’s musical genius continues to impact pop culture. His newest album,...

This Year Marks The 100th Anniversary of ROTC Nationwide

Paige Wolfe, Author

November 11, 2015

This year’s midterms are nothing compared to the tests of water treading, swimming, blindfolded dives and “gear ditches” that Seattle University Army ROTC cadets have to go through. On Saturday, Nov. 7, the cadets boarded a bus at 5:45 a.m. and headed to Fort Lewis to complete Combat Water Survival Training (CWST), a test all cadets are required...

Bedbugs Found in University Residence Halls

Paige Wolfe, Author

October 28, 2015

They strike in the darkest hour of night, crawling, creeping, shifting through the rooms in residence halls across campus. No, there aren’t vampires stalking our halls—there are bedbugs. There were confirmations of bedbug infestations in Campion Hall roughly three weeks ago. Two rooms of Seattle University students were affected by the bugs...

Who Let the New Album Out? Band Member Talks New Album

October 21, 2015

Grammy Award-winning Bahamian band, Baha Men, are set to release a new album titled “Ride With Me” to mark the 15 year anniversary...

Appropriations Changes Simplify Funding

Paige Wolfe, Author

October 14, 2015

Student Government of Seattle University is trying to improve how student programs and activities are allocating money. The SGSU Finance Committee has made appropriations, or student funding, changes that they believe will improve how students request for funding. Whether for an awareness club, cultural event, identity program or individual project,...

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