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2015 BAHL Cohort A Great Start

Caroline Ferguson, Author

May 27, 2015

The students in the 2015 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities for Leadership cohort were some of the first people I met at Seattle University. Matteo Ricci College freshmen arrive on campus a few days early, and students from all three MRC programs—humanities, humanities for leadership, and humanities for teaching—are encouraged to spend time getting...

Love Will Heal The Earth

Caroline Ferguson, Author

April 29, 2015

I spent this past weekend on beautiful Vashon Island, participating in Campus Ministry’s junior/senior Agape Retreat. We spent the weekend enjoying rest, prayer, and conversation. As the stress and noise of my daily life began to fade away, it quickly became apparent to me why retreats play an important role in Ignatian spiritual development. I felt...

Grilled Cheese That Are Sure To Please

Caroline Ferguson, Author

April 8, 2015

In honor of National Grilled Cheese Month, we asked our resident food enthusiast and Editor-in-Chief Caroline to share some of her favorite original recipes. CLASSIC GRILLED CHEESE The great thing about grilled cheese, of course, is that it tastes pretty great no matter what cheap ingredients you use. That said, I wanted to challenge myself to...

Time To Put Down Your Phone

Caroline Ferguson, Author

March 11, 2015

Every morning, I put on my watch. It’s a chunky metal analog, too big for my wrist, a little like something your grandpa might wear. I’ve noticed that watch-wearing has become uncommon among my peers. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days, after all. Why bother with a watch when the time (and anything else you ever might need) is already...

Teach The Hard Truths

Caroline Ferguson, Author

February 25, 2015

On Feb. 18, Oklahoma’s House Education Committee voted 11–4 to ban the teaching of AP United States History in the state’s public high schools. The course, lawmakers argued, “reflected a radically revisionist view of American history that emphasizes negative aspects of our nation’s history.” Since the education committee brought it up,...

nicole SCHLAEPPI  •  The Spectator

Ouzeri: Best Greek Thing Since Democracy

February 11, 2015

I did some hard-hitting research before I went to Capitol Hill’s new ouzo bar—which is to say, I watched “My Big Fat Greek...

Even If They Were Right, Anti-Vaxxers Would Still Be Wrong

Caroline Ferguson, Author

February 4, 2015

Based upon the consensus of just about every researcher who’s even marginally credible, we can all just go ahead and agree that vaccines do not cause autism. A rise in vaccination rates correlating with a rise in autism rates is just that—a correlation. And as any high schooler who has taken an entry-level stats class can tell you, correlation...

The Mouthful: February Recipe Roundup

February 4, 2015

This month, a sultry lineup of recipes to take you from Valentine’s Day to Valentine’s evening—starting with a ruby-red...

Booze And Food For Your Superbowl Mood

Caroline Ferguson, Author

January 28, 2015

Auto Battery 1009 E Union Street Just a stone’s throw away from campus, Auto Battery may be the most convenient location for many students—and predictably, it’ll be packed. You can always take a break at one of the two shuffleboard tables, or pop next door to Po Dog for a deep-fried Danger Dog. They’ll be serving up their signature cockta...

Letter From The Editor

Caroline Ferguson, Author

January 14, 2015

I can’t help getting wrapped up in the New Year’s Eve optimism year after year. I know that most of the parties are a corporate racket, that the night more often ends with a hangover than with a magical midnight smooch, that we all revert to Top Pot–snarfing, gym-avoiding procrastinators the second the champagne goes flat. There may be no other...

How Do You Like Manao?

October 9, 2014

Over the years, a several-block swath of south Capitol Hill has become a miniature restaurant row. We owe it, at least in part,...

Feminism Still Crucial

Caroline Ferguson, Author

October 1, 2014

Emma Watson’s speech on feminism at the UN headquarters on Sept. 21, while not above critique (can we stop ignoring race while talking about the pay gap, please? Because white women actually make more than pretty much everyone else except for white men), was a solid step forward in getting people to acknowledge that feminism is still essential. I...

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