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Trolls, Tokenization, and Women in Music Industry

Bailee Clark, Author

April 25, 2018

One of the many things Seattle is known for is its dense music scene and history. Seattle is the birthplace of the grunge music scene and was once home to musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Nancy Wilson of Heart and other artists who are now considered to be classics. Seattle is also famously the home to Sub Pop, a record label which even has its own s...

Cardi B gets an “A” from me

Laurel Mack-Wilson, Author

April 19, 2018

Cardi B’s debut album “Invasion of Privacy” has garnered a lot of hype in the past few weeks, and I think it’s clear why. Cardi begins with an unapologetic, heartfelt defense of her life choices which have been placed under scrutiny ever since Bodak Yellow came out in 2017, giving meaning to the album name “Invasion of Privacy.” Cardi continues with...

Marketing Spectacles: An out of this world album release

Shelby Barnes, Author

March 15, 2018

In July, 1969, Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.  Now, 49 years later, science has reached all new heights. On Feb. 21, Towkio became the first rap artist to drop his album from space, which I think is an achievement of astronomical proportions. Sharing his music to listeners everywhere, Towkio shared his album, WWW, from a...

Good Lorde! That Concert was Melodramatic

Sophia Wells, Managing Editor

March 15, 2018

Giggly and thrilled when speaking, Lorde offered Seattle a glimpse into her personality, which would otherwise be assumed to be as somber and dramatic as her songs, during her concert March 9 at Key Arena. After taking a hiatus from the public spotlight to write her songs and move back to her home in New Zealand, Lorde released her album “Melodrama”...

Lucy Dacus Album Outshines Coffee Shop Competition

Maggie Velasquez, Author

March 7, 2018

When you think of coffee shops—cozy couches, rich aromas and delightful conversations come to mind. But what would be a coffee shop without the “coffee shop” music? The soothing tunes that play in the background often go unnoticed. But once in a while there’s that one song that catches your attention. You stop reading or typing up your essay...

A First-hand Account of my Rave Education

February 28, 2018

What exactly is rave culture? While the default simplification is one of MDMA, partygoers and neon spandex, I was fascinated to...

MGMT Releases New Album: Little Dark Age Review

Quinn Ferrar, Author

February 21, 2018

It has been a decade since Ben Goldwasser and Andrew VanWyngarden, members of music group MGMT, released their debut album “Oracular Spectacular”. The tongue-in-cheek record was written in their senior year of college, and mocked the excesses of rock n’ roll. Though many things have changed over the last ten years, the directionless anxiety and...

Critic’s Corner: Social Commentary Through Cinema

Jordan Kenison, Author

February 21, 2018

Social commentary in the new Marvel Studios film “Black Panther” offers an added level of significance that is as relevant now as it has ever been. The highly anticipated new superhero installment is a solid entry in the Avengers series, with a highly praised soundtrack and talented cast. The film focuses on T’Challa, young king of the African...

Stop! In the name of Love and Listen to 2017’s Best Love Songs

Maddy McHugh, Author

February 14, 2018

Look for love no further, you’ll find enough romance in this steamy playlist of 2017’s best love songs. Whether you’re going out for a single’s night or bringing a date home, here’s a setlist of four hits to bump a little louder this week. “LOVE. FEAT. ZACARI” –Kendrick Lamar On his critically acclaimed and Grammy winning al...

Griffin Leemon Crowned at Battle of the Bands

Javier Plascencia, Staff Photographer

February 7, 2018

Student Events and Activities Council (SEAC) executed a night in Havana at Battle of the Bands last week with diverse music, themed munchies and people dancing the night away. JAVIER PLASCENIA • THE SPECTATOR Heavily influenced by his Wyoming folk roots, Griffin Leemon sings the story of his life every time he picks up his ukulele. For the crowd in Campion Hall on Thursday ni...

SEAC Highlights Musical Diversity at Battle of the Bands

Bri Ganzon, Author

January 31, 2018

The Student Events and Activities Council (SEAC) aims to deliver a diverse lineup of student musicians for this year’s Battle of the Bands on Thursday. The annual musical show-case is being led by Veronica Garcia, who was inspired by last year’s competition to choose the theme “Havana Nights”. “It just had me thinking about the Battle of...

The Science Behind Lasers: A Closer Look at the Laser Dome

The Science Behind Lasers: A Closer Look at the Laser Dome

January 24, 2018

Daft Punk fans, art observers and science geeks alike gathered at the Pacific Science Center last Friday night, Jan. 19, to w...

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