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Enough With the Early Retirement Announcements

AJ Schofield, Author

April 19, 2016

Hey guys! I haven’t written a column in a while, and for that I apologize (kinda). The original column was called ‘Sports R Dumb,’ and focused primarily on things that made sports, well, dumb. We’re gonna get back to that, back to our roots.   *Begin Rant* David Ortiz announced that this will be his last season playing baseball, and that he...

Listen to This: Nico

Jenna Ramsey, Author

April 19, 2016

I consider the 1967 album Chelsea Girl—the debut from a wonderfully weird singer named Nico—a perfect soundtrack for springtime. It’s been a few decades since Nico passed away, but her sound has aged incredibly well. My first introduction to her music was through one of my favorite films, The Royal Tenenbaums, in which Margot Tenenbaum steps of...

The Becktator: I Started a Small Fire in My Microwave

Lena Beck, Author

April 19, 2016

I’m not what they call a “foodie.”  Once, in my freshman dorm room, I accidentally set a chocolate chip cookie on fire in the microwave, burnt it to a crisp and ate it anyway.  It made me throw up.  So yeah, not exactly a culinary connoisseur. That being said, I do buy my own groceries, I cook my own food and like most people, I enjoy a n...

There and Back Again

William McQuilkin, Author

April 19, 2016

Catching fish is fun. The tugging of a line being bitten, the guiding hand of the fisherman bringing the fish closer and the buzz of the line jumping back in one foot at a time are all feelings that one should know at least once. But in order to catch a fish, a fisherman must be able to tie a hook to a line. My grandpa — a salt of the earth, paint on...

Movie of the Week

April 14, 2016

  I love Matt Damon. He’s exhibited a solid range of acting over the past twenty years, and despite being a bit…helpless…sometimes (“The Martian,” “Saving Private Ryan,” “Interstellar” and probab...

The Week in Review

Vikki Avancena, Author

April 13, 2016

STUDENTS PUSH UNIVERSITIES ON EQUITY ISSUES— Students from the University of Washington and Western Washington University have recently made demands related to equity issues. Hundreds of black students at the UW took over a meeting on race and equity two weeks ago, critiquing the university for not acting on these issues in a timely manner. The stud...

Human of SU

Alexa McConville, Author

April 12, 2016

Ben Fan Nursing "Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible."

Movie of the Week

Movie of the Week

April 8, 2016

I’m probably going to be telling a lot of stories about the first time I watched these movies for Movie of the Week, so bear ...

Humans of SU

April 5, 2016

Winston Lin Interdisciplinary Arts and Theater "If I could change the world in someway, it would be that people would be more ...

Movie of the Week

April 2, 2016

  Teaser: We’re heading to France for this Movie of the Week with one of my absolute favorite films. Feast in its eye-popping visuals, delightful story, and...a travelling gnome? When I was first diving into...

Humans of SU

March 29, 2016

Chyna Maple String Performance "If I could have any mythical creature as a pet, I would choose a Centaur. They would make a gre...

The Becktator: 100% Interested in “99% Invisible”

Lena Beck, Author

March 8, 2016

Do you remember Mary Poppins’ bizarre little handbag? How it seemed so small, but she kept pulling more and more stuff out of it? That’s kind of what this podcast is like. For the last few weeks, I’ve been listening to a program called “99% Invisible.” Only about twenty minutes long, the installments of this show are nice and bitesize, yet...

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