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And the Award Goes to… Oscar Watch with Scott

Scott Johnson, Author

October 9, 2015

Keeping you informed on all of the years biggest movies and their standings in the Awards Season. It’s that magical time of year where each week at least one movie comes out that is going to be in contention at the SAGs and Golden Globes in January, and the Oscars in February. I follow movies much like everyone else follows football. I see...

Sports R Dumb

AJ Schofield, Author

October 7, 2015

Welcome to the first edition of “Sports R Dumb!” You may be asking yourself, “wait a minute, isn’t this dude the sports editor? Why is his weekly column titled ‘Sports R Dumb?’” It’s true, I am the new sports editor. But let’s face it, sports can be insanely frustrating sometimes. For example: The Mariners were the sexy pick to...

Listen to This: Best of the Year (So Far)

Jenna Ramsey, Author

October 7, 2015

For this first installment of my new music column, I’ll begin with an important disclaimer: Aside from my self-proclaimed expertise on the experimental rock band Radiohead (which I’ve been obsessed-beyond-belief with since age 12), I’m not claiming to know more about music than the average person. So think of this column as a weekly list of my...

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