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2015 BAHL Cohort A Great Start

Caroline Ferguson, Author

May 27, 2015

The students in the 2015 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities for Leadership cohort were some of the first people I met at Seattle University. Matteo Ricci College freshmen arrive on campus a few days early, and students from all three MRC programs—humanities, humanities for leadership, and humanities for teaching—are encouraged to spend time getting...

On Last Week’s Cover

The Spectator Staff

February 11, 2015

Last week the Spectator ran a feature piece about Seattle University’s decision to become a tobacco-free campus. We teased the story on the front cover with what seemed to the editorial and design team to be a provocative and engaging photograph: A black leather boot crushing a pack of American Spirit cigarettes, a popular brand on campus and in the...

Letter From The Editors

The Spectator Staff

February 6, 2015

It has come to our attention that some of the content in this week’s Spectator issue could be troubling. We are currently reflecting on the content and gathering information so that we can respond to the issue in a way that is supportive of the Seattle University community and reflective of its values. We invite input and letters from community members...

Guest Op-Ed: Streaking is Not Sexual Harassment

Letters to the Editor, Author

June 15, 2014

If you haven’t heard the buzz about Senior Streak at Seattle University, here it is. It is a timeless tradition where seniors share their excitement about their amazing accomplishments and have a bit of liberated fun. I remember being pleasantly surprised at the end of my freshman year to see happy, naked seniors dancing around on their last day of...

Guest Op-Ed: We Should Be Angry

Letters to the Editor, Author

June 15, 2014

Though I was not able to participate physically in the senior streak, as I was traveling home that day, I feel as though I participated in conversation with my fellow students. As a student who feels as though I am fairly active on campus I think the streak happened for several reasons and I think that this sort of student motivation needs to continue....

Guest Op-Ed: A Week-Long Game of Cat and Mouse

Letters to the Editor, Author

June 15, 2014

The Senior Streak has, since its inception, been a mindless and innocuous (provided participants don’t trip and fall) event. It neither seeks nor wants University approval—isn’t that, at least in part, the point? Moreover, its primary goal is celebratory in the same vein as the naked bicyclists at the Fremont Solstice Festival: good people doing...

Grand Theft Auto Not So Grand for Women

The Spectator Staff

September 26, 2013

Although there are female gamers throughout the world, one game in particular has not made itself very femme-friendly as of late. “Grand Theft Auto V” was released on Sept. 17 by Rockstar Games. Its vast fan base helped the game to achieve an astonishing revenue of $1 billion in three days, and about 15 percent of these fans were women. While...

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