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Seattle U’s Connection to Spotlight Investigation

Shelby Barnes

May 30, 2018

*CONTENT WARNING: SEXUAL ASSAULT, SUICIDE AND MENTAL HEALTH* The Boston Globe’s investigative team, Spotlight, released an investigative feature in June 2002 that exposed leaders in the Catholic Church who concealed and ...

Students Propose Gender Inclusive Housing Policy

Hunter Uechi

May 24, 2018

“There is this whole extra obstacle that comes with being trans when you come to Seattle University. Trans students don’t get to have that Seattle University experience because they don’t have a safe and supportive place to live...

Title IX and Reporting Sexual Misconduct

Elise Wang

May 10, 2018

Late one night during her freshman year, Jane* got into an Uber she had ordered off campus. She got back and waited in her room without changing her clothes. When it was time, she went to the emergency hour appointment at Seattle Un...

Undergraduate Students Compete for Research Prize

Frances Divinagracia

May 3, 2018

While some undergraduate students work on research paper and projects solely for a grade, others have taken it a step further for their work to be recognized through publication and presentation. Seattle University has provided ...

Students with Disabilities Make Their Own Space on Campus

Sarah Haghi

April 19, 2018

Higher education is riddled with challenges for students with disabilities. At Seattle U, our disabilities services put a lot of energy and effort into making this campus a good learning environment for those students. Yet, there ar...

Laughing Yet? Satire becomes a Medium for the Informed

Alec Downing

April 15, 2018

Whether it be John Oliver ripping into the latest White House Scandal, a wacky yet oddly relatable article from The Onion or an outlandish headline published by Seattle University’s Hard Copy Satire, satirical material is ...

Is Our Campus Safe?

Is Our Campus Safe?

February 28, 2018

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