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How Location and Culture Keeps Xavier Separate and Why it Will Never Change

J. Adrian Munger

February 26, 2013

Of all the residence halls, Xavier is certainly the loneliest. Situated in a corner of campus, Xavier is physically the most remote residence hall at Seattle University. But the gap between Xavier and the rest of campus is much...

We’ve Got a Lot to Say About Valentine’s Day

The Spectator Staff

February 7, 2013

SUCK IT UP, SINGLES Kellie Cox A&E Editor Valentine’s Day brings out the worst in single people. Every single year, jaded singletons bitch about Feb. 14 as if they didn’t see it coming. We’ve heard it all: “It’...

A Seattle Story: Gangs Dance Across Territory Lines & Under The Radar

Caroline Ferguson

November 28, 2012

Another day, another timely warning notification. They come with regularity, reminding us of the realities of the neighborhood in which we live. Skim them, and you just might enjoy a blissfully ignorant four years. Pore over them,...

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