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The Guidance Counselor

Sam James Moreno, Author

December 5, 2013

Well y’all, all things must come to an end. I’m sad to say that this will be my last article as acting Guidance Counselor to you crazy shitheads. It’s been a good run and I think all of you who wrote in helped me just as much as I helped you. For this final article, I would like to just give you guys a few words of wisdom based on my experience...

The Guidance Counselor: On Cheating, Senioritis and the Healing Power of Joy Division

Sam James Moreno, Author

November 13, 2013

Q:This past weekend I cheated on my girlfriend. We are doing long distance. She's a year younger than me and still in high school. She is planning on applying to Seattle U to be with me. I still want to be with her, but don't know how to tell her... A:Well dude, you screwed up and you are going to have to own it. You can't have your cake and eat it to...

The Guidance Counselor: On Class Participation

Sam James Moreno, Author

October 30, 2013

Sam is not a licensed counselor. He’s a senior with lots of good advice in his head, which is conveniently located right here. Question: "I have someone in my class who drives me crazy. It is the first class I’m taking for my major. This person will come in late, text the whole class and then randomly raise their hand to go on some rant that...

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