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Q: My long-term ex boyfriend broke up with me without reason a few months ago and already has a new girlfriend. I see them around all the time and it really sucks. How can I get over it quickly?

A: I think it depends on which part of seeing them together upsets you, to be honest. If he was scummy enough to break up with you suddenly or without a real reason, then he doesn’t have the emotional depth to be in a good relationship. He isn’t mature enough to be honest with a partner, he showed you that through how he broke up with you. I think you gained something – the opportunity to find someone you can have real, honest communication with. I’d feel bad for the other girl… I’m sure she deserves someone who will be open with her, too. I’d try to look on the bright side, it’s good you found out about this tendency before marriage or moving in together or something truly permanent. You’re free to be with someone you deserves you.

Q: Mama, I’m about to graduate… how do you balance being a full time student and preparing for graduation? What should I prioritize?

A: Personally, I wouldn’t start worrying about jobs after graduating besides some light applications here and there. If you’re looking for an internship, get applying NOW, but if you’re looking for a permanent position, you can’t really start looking until May or June anyways. Prioritize your studies for now, and as you inch closer to finishing, dedicate 5 hours a week to applying to jobs, then 10 hours a week. It can take a lot of applications to get a callback, but don’t worry! Your first job out of the gate will be the hardest to find, since you probably don’t have much experience yet. Just keep trying and eventually something will stick.

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