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Q: So Mama… I found an old video game in my childhood bedroom when I went home last weekend, and it sells for around $100! I’m super excited, but part of me feels guilty, do you think I should sell it? I could use the money.

A: Here’s my philosophy… would you spend $100 to buy the video game yourself? Logically, if you hold onto the game, then you’re basically saying the game is worth $100 to you. If you’re confident it’s worth that, then by all means hold onto it! If you’re just feeling nostalgic though, and can’t imagine spending $100 on a video game, then the only thing to do is sell, because to you the $100 is worth more than the game.

Q: My 4th year friend is “friends” with this guy who always texts her random, boring things outta the blue. Like “just got a haircut” or “dinner was awesome.” She doesn’t really want to be friends with him anymore, but he doesn’t really have friends. What should she do?

A: On the one hand, I’d say it’s wrong of her to pretend to be friends with someone that she actually doesn’t like. However, that sounds like someone who may not take polite hints that she doesn’t want to talk anymore. She’d probably need to tell him directly that she doesn’t want to hear from him anymore.. not great for anyone. You say she’s a fourth year, so she only has a few months left. Realistically, I’d just say to keep putting minimum effort into the friendship until it naturally fades away after graduation. Hang in there!

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