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Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: I’m going through a hard break up after a really bad fight with my boyfriend. We are never ever ever getting back together. I’ve eaten all the ice cream that I can and I know it’s time to face society. But I’m scared. Help please?

A: Hey there,
First of all, even though we don’t know each other, I’m really proud of you for breaking up! Any relationship that has a fight nasty enough to break up over is not a relationship you wanna be in. You’ve had the Snowpocalypse to stay inside and grieve, which is good. I wish I had advice on how to heal… but that just comes with time, unfortunately. If you’re strong enough to face society again, you’re strong enough to get through this.

Q: This is the jobless joker. I’m trying to make it out as a comedy star but I’m just not that funny. Should I change my career even though this is my passion or should I just continue on with dead silences. By the way, if you have a joke that will guarantee to garner some laughs, I’d really appreciate.

A: When I first started designing, I wasn’t that good either. I made mouse art and used cliche effects that I thought made my art super cool. But the more I did it, the better I got! I still felt like I sucked, but when I looked back on my work from a few years prior I saw how much of an improvement I’d made. I think you’ll feel the same about your comedy, if you keep at it! Maybe try telling some jokes to a few friends, then get their honest feedback on why it was or wasn’t funny. You can also read or watch some of your favorite comedians, and take inspiration from their work! Although you can’t copy the jokes directly, getting inspiration from their choice of subject matter and tone! Lastly, maybe try recording yourself and then listening back a few weeks later, so you can even critique yourself. Good luck! Don’t give up!

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