That’s So… Astreaux



Before I jump in, I’ll speak directly to the edgy science-worshipping contrarians who demean astrology as a hoax; a pseudoscience designed to manipulate the masses.

I’ll state the obvious first of all: such a perspective dismisses the fact that people have studied the stars for millennia as a mode of understanding the world, and they wouldn’t have done so if it didn’t work at least some of the time. Our ancestors weren’t stupid; we can trust that they only put their energy into this study because it, for whatever reason, worked for them.

That being said, many people in medieval times let people bleed because they thought it would get rid of the plague. So… you know. Grain of salt.

We can’t necessarily prove that there’s a numerically proven link between the stars and the ideas they supposedly represent. The idea that the planet of Mercury represents information and brings cognitive understanding to whatever other planets it touches is not backed up by any scientific theory.

But more and more, we’re learning about the gaps in science. Just because we can’t prove a relationship doesn’t mean that it exists, and quite frankly, the demand for scientific proof misses the point entirely, in my opinion.

Does astrology work? Absolutely. I can say with complete certainty that, as a tool for understanding the universe, astrology has brought clarity and truth to a lot of people from a lot of different cultures.

The idea that this has to be backed up by “scientific fact” has an underlying assumption that, for one, science is objective and without cultural influence (and I think it’s important to acknowledge how conversation about “pseudosciences” tend to demean non-Western practices such as Reiki, acupuncture, and yes, astrology).

But beyond that, it doesn’t have to even be “scientifically” true to work! If looking at a person’s natal chart brings them self-understanding and personal growth, I don’t care about the scientific merits. It does its job, and it does it well.

With that out of the way, let’s dive right into what the kids call the pseudoscientific bullshit.

This week doesn’t have too many difficult transits (a “transit” is fancy astrologer talk for planets making connections in the sky that impact our day-to-day life). This doesn’t mean that it’ll be an easy week, but most of the opportunities for growth won’t present as such.

We’re unlikely to feel too many crunchy obvious problems, but that also means that nothing will force us to take action. This week will have potential, but it will stay that way unless we’re intentional with our action.

We will see a Mars conjoined Uranus on Feb. 12, which could bring irritability and impulsiveness. The two energies of those planets will combine our anger and fighting spirit with an individualistic electricity, so this transit will test our ability to pick our fights.

There’s a difference between allowing yourself to feel upset and allowing yourself to act on that distressed feeling. Stand up for yourself, but don’t allow your anger to drive serious conversations. Be calculated and deliberate with expressing your feelings.

Beyond that, prepare for an intuitive and sensitive Pisces season. Mercury, the planet that rules communication and friendships, enters this sign on Feb. 10, followed by the Sun next week. Transits through this sign will test our understanding of empathy and sensitivity.

The key is to understand the difference between noticing and witnessing others’ feelings and making them your own. The former is a form of empathy that empowers, whereas the latter is the manifestation of fragile emotional boundaries.

So, through this season, make sure you’re showing compassion for others without taking responsibility for their problems that really don’t belong to you.

In all, this week won’t create very many problems for us, but that does not eliminate our opportunities for growth. Be present, center yourself, and pay close attention what works in your life and what doesn’t.

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