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Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: What is loistening?
A: Google comes up empty, my friend. I’m gonna go with “moist listening” or “lotioned moistening.” Good luck.

Q: Mama, my friend secretly betrayed me recently. How can I cope?
A: True friends understand that loyalty is the biggest priority. If they had an issue with you, they should have brought it up directly. I’m sorry they felt the need to go behind your back, that was very immature! I’d do some self-reflection, take some time to make sure you’re friends with the people who enhance your life instead of tearing it apart.

Q: I’ve been thinking about breaking up with my bf… he’s busy a lot so we don’t see each other, he said it’s hard to change his schedule. I feel bad, but I want to break up… idk what else to do.
A: It sounds like you’ve already expressed your feelings to your boyfriend, and he still hasn’t put in the effort to see you more. It’s one thing if he can’t change his schedule, it’s another if he doesn’t see you outside of working. Unless he’s working over full time, he can find some time to see you on a weekend or after work. If he can’t adapt his life in that small way to come and see you, maybe you are better off apart.

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