Asking Mama Mozzone


Giving relationship advice of any kind.

Q: My friend is really stressed, how do I help them?

A: Honestly, being there to listen will help your friend more than you may think. Just knowing they aren’t alone in whatever they’re facing can give a person an incredible amount of strength. If something tangible is stressing them out, see if you can take a project or something off their plate.

Q: Dating tips for college? I’m a freshman!

A: Join a club or get a job on campus! You’ll meet people you never would’ve hung out with in high school, and that’s a great thing! My word of warning: don’t date anyone on your dorm floor. If you break up, you’ll have to pass by them everyday for the rest of the year – awkward. If all else fails, online dating is much less taboo than in high school, feel free to give it a go if you think it’s for you!

Q: I’ve just turned 50 and I’m freaking out… how do I deal with that?!

A: Calling upon my wisdom as a wisened 20 year old, I’d say to reflect on your past! I’m sure you’ve accomplished a lot in your life that has shaped who you are as a person today – you don’t get those perks without the side effect of aging.