Time Out Session: Shae Harris Named to Canadian Women’s National Volleyball Team



Shae Harris is a sophomore at Seattle University studying Sophomore Marine and Conservation Biology. Harris, a native Canadian, will spend her summer training twice a day with the Canadian Women’s National Volleyball Team.


Shae Harris, who has been named to the Canadian Women’s Volleyball Team, during SU’s November 12, 2016 match against Grand Canyon University.

Q: How does it feel to have been named to the Canadian Women’s National Volleyball team?
SH: It’s honestly such an honor. I’m a super lucky girl.

Q: How did that all transpire for you?
SH: Well, the Canadian National Team program moved to Richmond in Vancouver B.C. this year, and I was like, ‘should I go or should I not,” because it’s the whole summer training. But I was like, this is such an awesome once-in-a-lifetime experience, so I decided to go. It was just so fun to be back with all the same girls I’ve played with and against all these years, and it was just such a great opportunity that I was like, I can’t not go. So, I went up to Richmond for the week and just tried out for five days.

Q: Now that you’ve made it, what will this experience look like for you?
SH: I’ll go home after exams, and I will train with them two times a day for two months, and then I’ll be back for our preseason in August. There’s a chance with training with them for me to be on the travel squad, which would be a super amazing opportunity.

Q: Will you continue to play for Seattle U?
SH: Yeah, so my plan for the next two years is to play with the Canadian National Team during the summer. So June, July and a bit of August, and then continue back with the Seattle program because I love it here, and I love my teammates and my coaches.

Q: How has your athletic year at Seattle U been?
SH: It’s been an awesome year. we’ve had our ups and downs. We started out preseason really strong and then went into conference and had our ups and downs for sure, but honestly, the winter and spring months have been super awesome for us as a team, and we have a really small squad of just eight girls, and we’ve bonded and are so tight. Our last spring tournament was just awesome, and I think we finally connected, and I’m really excited for next year.

Q: What challenges have you endured this year?
SH: I guess just being at a quarter- system school in general is really tricky with the way playing for the National Team and stuff is set up, because they’re already training right now, so I’m missing three weeks. There haven’t been many challenges besides just time management and stresses to the body. Honestly, I have nothing but good to say about it. It’s just been a great two years so far, and I’m excited for the last two.

Q: Who inspires you?
SH: Mostly my family members: my dad and my mom. They’re very driven, motivated people and they’re always aspiring to do the best that they can in everything they do. My dad never stops moving. He’s very much like me. He’s always trying new things, and I think that’s kind of the inspiration there: their drive and passion for what they do.

Q: What brought you to Seattle for school?
SH: I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone. I wanted to meet new people. In Canada, there’s not as many of us, so I would kind-of be playing with and against the same girls, and I wanted to meet new people and play against new people as well. Also, the pace of the game is just so much faster down here. So I was like, let’s go to America, let’s live somewhere else for a few years. And the school has a great education system. And the coaches and girls as well, of course. When I came here I just knew this was the place.

Q: What are some goals you have set for yourself?
SH: I want to complete my four years here and then probably do a couple of years of work and pursue further education, ultimately find something I love to do. And, I would ultimately like to play for the Canadian National Team a few years after Seattle U and my end goal would be to make it to the Olympics, for sure. The Canadian National Team has not made it in quite a long time, so it would be sweet if our squad could make it.

Q: How do you wind down?
SH: Anything outdoors, that’s how I wind down. I like to hike, be on the water, be in the forest, anything that gets me outside.

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