Softball Can’t Escape Close Losses



Last weekend resulted in three one- run games and one win for Seattle University’s softball team. The Redhawks were in Utah last weekend in a three-game match against the Utah Valley Wolverines. The women played one game on Friday, and the Redhawks lost by just 1 run. The game started out slow, and it wasn’t until the fifth inning that Utah Valley scored. The Redhawks were able to tie up the game in the seventh inning when Cherise Silvan got a hit and advanced to first base. She eventually scored after a bunt and a hit propelled her to home plate. The game was tied up and things were looking hopeful for the Redhawks until Utah Valley scored a run and won the game. The final score was 2-1.


They played two games on Saturday in similar fashion to the game on Friday. Two more close games led to one win and one loss for the Redhawks, both by a one-run margin. The Redhawks started out hot in the first game on Saturday with 4 runs scored in the first inning. It wasn’t until the third inning that Utah Valley scored. After a few impressive hits, including doubles by Savannah Loomis and Kayla Gonzales, the Redhawks racked up four more runs in the fifth inning.

Things were looking up for the team as they led 8-1. They scored 2 more runs in the sixth inning, bringing the score up to 10-1. Utah Valley nearly caught up with 3 runs scored in the sixth inning and a whopping 5 in the seventh, but the Redhawks held onto their lead and claimed a 10-9 victory. Unfortunately, the Redhawks were not able to pull out a win in their second game Saturday, and they lost 0-1.

Coach Geoff Hirai told the team that this upcoming weekend will be the biggest weekend for them, as it will set them up for what seed they get in the conference tournament. Coach Hirai hopes for wins in the upcoming weeks, but for that to happen the team will need to stick to their training plans and consistently perform well.

“We struggled all weekend with consistency in all facets of the game. We need to do a better job sticking to our game plans in pressure situations on offense. On defense, we need to be able to make a big play when it is a close game,” Head Coach Coach Hirai said.

This weekend the team will take on the University of Missouri-Kansas City. After a bit of a rough weekend, the team will have to work hard to stay on their game. As Coach Hirai said, “our hopes are always to win every series minimum and play Seattle U softball.”

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