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Everything Food: Metier Appeals, if Only to Niche Crowd

    Jessie Koon • The Spectator

    A cafe where locals trickle in to get their morning coffee and are greeted by name is fairly common in Seattle. What isn’t as common is a cafe where bicycles come first. As Métier says in its mission statement, “In cycling, Métier is the point when sport moves from something that is done to a way that is lived,” and that is what this new cafe brings to Capitol Hill.

    This fresh new space boasts “Racing & Coffee” on the front of the building and that promise is more than fulfilled. The space is a bright, open area with huge windows that lets in sunlight, which illuminates the beautiful wood floors and features of the bar. Métier is a spot where local bicyclists gather to share stories about their latest race or perhaps a nasty fall from earlier in the week, all over a steaming cup of coffee or foaming pint.

    Métier’s other section is unlike most coffee shops in Seattle. It is a one stop shop for everything related to bicycle racing. A fully stocked store with all the latest gear needed to ride in any weather and style is available. They also have a full service bicycle repair shop so customers can get their bikes tuned up while sipping a latte, or work out in the basement, which contains a fully functional gym. That’s right, this bar-cafe-bicycle-shop also has a huge training facility with a variety of services available.

    The cafe and bar menu features house made vegan and non-vegan sandwiches, as well as standard coffee drinks. They have their mocha recipe down to a science, including measuring the espresso to the teaspoon. The mocha was a foamy chocolatey delight and easy to drink while watching a bike race on a wall projector.

    The food selections were more focused on energizing customers for an important bicycle race, which wasn’t on my agenda for the day, so I went with an avocado sandwich and a muffin. The sandwich was all right —more of a guacamole sandwich with some other vegetables on it than a complete sandwich—and the oatmeal raisin muffin was very dense.

    Métier also has a variety of enjoyable teas. For instance, the “Hercules” pre-workout tea is said to provide a little extra kick before a morning bike ride. With free wi-fi and a healthy food menu, the cafe at Métier is a great spot for any bike aficionado to post up to get some work done.

    Métier is the space where sport becomes lifestyle, operating as a central hub for it’s cycling club and welcoming riders of all skill levels to join. Club members benefit from discounts on training and apparel and can take part in scheduled rides. Many of the services offered come with a steep price tag, so the club discount rates may be the way to go. For the right crowd Metier is a great place to hang out and
    grab an energizing meal.

    Jarrod may be reached at [email protected]

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