Time Out Sessions with Shane Haworth


Photo courtesy of John Aronson

Shane Haworth began playing soccer when he was six years old and made the decision to try being a goalkeeper in middle school. Haworth played for a local club team in Puyallup, Washington and attended a few tournaments where he was recruited by Seattle University.

Photo courtesy of John Aronson
Photo courtesy of John Aronson

“[The Northwest] is my home and I don’t think I’ll ever leave,” Haworth said. “It just felt right. When I got here, I realized that it was the best decision I could have made.”

Haworth didn’t play a lot at first as he redshirted his freshman year and came off the bench the next two years. This season, Haworth was the starting goalkeeper for the Redhawks and played the entirety of their 19 games while getting 99 saves. One year after reaching the NCAA soccer tournament, the team came incredibly close to earning another WAC championship. In the WAC tournament semi-finals, the team lost in penalty kicks to Cal State Bakersfield.

“Next season the goal is obviously to win the WAC,” Haworth said. “I think for us that is a very reachable goal and if we keep our mentality of getting better every day, all of that should come.”

Next year will be Haworth’s final season and he will be graduating with a double degree in Spanish and Strategic Communications. He recently studied abroad in Mexico and will have an internship with an events company this summer. Haworth would like to have a career in concert production but isn’t giving up on soccer yet.

“Soccer is definitely one of my passions and it will always be a part of my life,” Haworth said. “I plan on keeping it in my life as either a player, coach or any capacity.”

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