Time Out Sessions W/ Sophie Curatilo


Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator

Senior distance runner Sophie Curatilo has blazed her way into the Seattle University record books during her final year of indoor track and field.
Earlier this quarter, Curatilo set the university record in both the mile run and the 3000 meter run with times of 4:51.13 and 9:51.28, respectively.
“It felt pretty good,” Curatilo said. “It makes me want to get even better and try to be even faster because now I know it’s possible for me to make changes and improve.”

This past weekend, the WAC had its indoor track and field championships. Curatilo earned First Team All-WAC honors with a second place finish in the 3000 meter and became the WAC champion for her performance in
the mile.

Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator
Audrey Mallinak • The Spectator

“It was pretty exciting,” Curatilo said. “I have never been able to win a title like that before and I am proud to be able to run for Seattle U.”

Before doing track at Seattle U, Curatilo had plenty of experience with athletics growing up. She spent time swimming and playing lacrosse and volleyball. It was 6th grade when she first joined a track team.

Off of the track, Curatilo is studying nursing and is also a part of ROTC Navy at UW. Soon after graduation, she will be reporting to Southern California where she has already been stationed to work as a nurse in
the Navy.

Before that happens, Curatilo will run more during the outdoor track season where she will be looking to compete in the 1500 meter and possibly the 5000 meter race.

“I just want to get as fast possible and qualify for things and make it big,” Curatilo said. “It’s my last year and I feel like I’m at the point where I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

Favorite Track Event: The Mile
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Favorite Movie: The Goonies