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8 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Ahh, fall: the season when the leaves change, everything is pumpkin spice-flavored and Halloween is lurking just around the corner. ’Tis a night when folks young and old take to the streets, seeking treats and perhaps a bit of trickery (especially since All Hallows’ Eve happens to fall on a Friday this year).

Indeed, the spooky holiday tends to creeps up on us, and sometimes finding a costume has to be done on short notice and a tight budget. But have no fear, crafting a last-minute costume you didn’t know you needed is not so monstrous a task with the help of the Spectator.


Pete Carroll is a well-known football personality, especially in Seattle. Lucky for you, his style is both recognizable and easy to replicate. Find a pair of baggy khakis, a windbreaker (preferably Seahawks brand) and pop in a stick of gum and you are pretty much gravy. For bonus points, dye your hair white (or maybe just get a wig if you’re a fair-weather Seahawks fan) and find a headset to really nail the look.


Being a pop princess has never been this easy. Just slip on a leotard or some spandex and drown yourself in glitter. Throw on a dark tone t-shirt, frizz up your hair, add a really intense smoky eye that looks like it’s dripping down your face and you’ll be the life of the party. For bonus points, grab your glasses as you go out the door to hit the city.


Sometimes actually putting on clothes for Halloween can be a lot to ask, especially if you had a late midterm. Why not embrace your laziness? Just throw on a bathrobe and some sunglasses and become the Dude, the lovable slacker and avid bowler from the Coen Brothers’ “The Big Lebowski.” For bonus points, roll a spliff, drink a White Russian and have at it.


Rosie the Riveter is a classic costume for a reason. Not only is she badass, her classic red bandana and blue ensemble are cheap and easy to replicate. Simply tie a red bandana around your head (with the knot facing forward), throw on any blue pants and shirt you have (preferably a jumper, but jeans and a blue button-up work fine) and some bright red lipstick. For bonus points, take a picture kissing your own bicep.


Love cereal? Hate spending money on a costume? Then the Cereal Killer costume may just be the costume for you. To nail this look, simply tape or staple empty cereal boxes to any old shirt, stab plastic knives into the boxes and viola, you’ve got yourself a punny little costume. Don’t worry; your friends will think your costume is cereal-ously hysterical. For bonus points, decorate your outfit with blood-red splatter paint.


It’s fun to dress up like pop icons on a night of fantasy like Halloween, but sometimes celebrity outfits get a bit pricey to try and replicate. This is certainly the case for the Black Eyed Peas, given their elaborate personal styles. Lucky for you, we have a cheap, punny alternative. Find a friend and have each one of you paint one eye black. Then dress in all green and write “Pea” clearly on your shirts. For bonus points, listen to the group’s 2005 album, “Monkey Business,” and reminisce about how we all liked once.


Sometimes life itself can be scary. What better Halloween costume than that? Wear anything you like, write “Life” on the front of your shirt and run to QFC to pick up a dozen lemons. On Halloween night, simply go around handing out lemons. Do you get it? You are “Life Giving Lemons!” Your friends will be so juiced about your costume, it will impossible to have a sour attitude around you. For bonus points, sip on some lemonade while you hand out lemons.


Like all good Seattleites, you’re bound to have a flannel (or seven) hiding somewhere in your closet. To channel your inner hay-person, dig out your favorite flannel, slip on some jeans, paint your nose orange and draw some stitches on your face using eyeliner. For bonus points, stuff your shirt with straw and go around singing “If I Only Had a Brain.”

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