U Rec Spring Sport Tournament Selections

If you have been simultaneously feeling the desire to both play a sport recreationally and add a sweet new T-shirt to your collection, University Recreation’s (U Rec) spring calendar might have something for you. Intramurals for the winter quarter wrapped up this weekend and next quarter offers nine different sports, so there are plenty to choose from. You can register for all of these intramurals on imleagues.com using your Seattle University email. “We want people to get out there and be active,” said assistant director of U Rec Blake Simpfenderfer. Here are some of the spring tournaments U Rec offers to do just that.


Get a team together of at least eight people and compete against others in a fun game of kickball. The league is co-ed and the deadline for registration is April 4 at noon. The tournament will take place on April 12. You’ll be sure to get a kick out

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This year, the soccer league has changed from 11 person teams to seven person teams, which should make it easier for more teams to assemble. At least that would be the goal. The leagues are meant to be co-ed. The deadline for registration is April 7 at noon and the games will be played from April 13 to May 12 on Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays.


If you want a play a game of football that is fast-paced and high-scoring, this is the tournament for you. There will be a league for both men and women, and the registration deadline is April 18t at noon. The games will take place on April 25 and 26. Don’t pass up this opportunity!


Come out to Seattle University Park on May 3 to and get set to have some fun in the sun (hopefully). This league will be co-ed and have teams of at least six players. The deadline for registration is April 25 at noon.


This is a relatively new game for Seattle U as it was first organized earlier this quarter. “It was awesome,” Simpfenderfer said. “People were begging us to do it again.” Teams of four will get their own canoe and must sink the other battleships by filling them up with water by using the buckets that have been provided to them. The league is co-ed and the deadline for registration is April 25 at noon. The tournament will take place on May 4. Battleship has picked up in popularity at colleges everywhere, making quite the splash.


Last year’s softball tournament featured a lot of balls getting hit over the nets of Seattle U Park and into the street. This year the equipment will be changed up a bit to make the game a little safer for passersby. Get your team of eight ready and register by May 9 at noon. There will be a men’s league and a co-ed league. The games will be held on the weekend of May 16 to 18.


Get ready muggles, your favorite wizard sport is at Seattle U! Prepare to run around Seattle U Park on broomsticks. There will be a quaffle thrown through hoops, bludgers knocking people off their brooms and a golden snitch running around waiting to get caught. The league is co-ed and features teams of at least seven people. You must register by May 20 at noon and the games will be played from May 27 to May 29. With enough participation, quidditch could potentially expand to a league in the future.


Who doesn’t love ultimate frisbee? Register your team of at least seven people in this co-ed league by May 21 at noon. The games will take place on May 30 and 31. It is a fun game that is very easy to learn.