The Spectator Commends SGSU

It’s hard to believe that homophobia persists even in gay-friendly Capitol Hill.

Unfortunately, homophobia is still running rampant in our country, and occurs closer to us than we may have ever imagined.

Following the dismissal of the former vice president of Eastside Catholic High School after he married his husband, the Seattle University community has commendably banded together to draw attention to this event and inspire dialogue on the subject.

This past week, SGSU president Eric Chalmers sent out an open letter to the community and the church. The letter speaks on behalf of the student body and expresses solidarity with those who wish to see Zmuda reinstated.

As a part of a largely open and accepting community, The Spectator applauds SGSU for adding our community’s voice to the conversation. This statement reinforces the positive Jesuit Catholic values our university champions, and shows our dedication to the pursuit of justice and the competence to promote it.

It is 2014—it is time to stand up against injustice and introduce ourselves to a new and diverse world. Without conversation, incidents such as Zmuda’s dismissal will only continue. Of our 50 United States, only 17 legally allow for all loving couples to marry. One of these 17 states is Washington, which, despite its legalization, still has its struggles.

We can and should stand up to speak for change and for the promotion of the common good. To deny someone rights based on whom they love is not and should not be viewed as a common good. This week Seattle U has taken a stand, and The Spectator is proud.