Get Ready for the Snow-pacalypse, Seattle

Get ready Seattle–the snow-pacalypse is coming. Well, not quite. But in a city like Seattle where snow is rarely known to accumulate on the city streets, even a few inches of powdery white snow are enough to get the city buzzing. After Seattle University students received the year’s first email about snow closure procedures last week, talk about canceled classes and waves of snow have been circulating around campus.

While it might be a little overly optimistic to hope for canceled classes just a week before finals, it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for snow with a list of some of the best sports and other activities to make the most of snow days. That’s right–don’t grab your computer to catch up on Netflix just yet. There are fun activities to do in the snow that you’ll find much more exciting than the latest episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Try these for starters:

1. Get inspired by the Winter Olympics. The Olympics don’t start until February, but it’s never too early to get excited for snowy sports by playing like a professional. Although most of the Olympic sports are not to be tried-at-home, hold your own faux Olympics with your friends with events like snowball hurling, races through the snow and snow angel competitions. Not the outdoorsy type? Try Wii sports like skiing instead. Just don’t forget to make gold medals for the winners.

2. If competitive sports are too intense for you, try some of the classic snow-day activities like building snowmen or snowball fights. Mix up the snowman building by creating your favorite celebrities or movie characters and make snowball fights more interesting with forts and obstacles. If there’s enough snow, that is. And if the snow starts to melt, revisit your childhood with a classic game of freeze tag.

3. After hanging out in the snow, everyone needs a hot chocolate break to warm up. Mix up the classic drink by adding fun toppings and mix-ins. Hot sauce adds a spicy twist to regular cocoa, peppermint patties melt smoothly into steaming hot cocoa, and fun flavored marshmallows (like new gingerbread) add festive flair to hot cocoa. Or go for the classic hot cocoa with whipped cream and shaved chocolate to make it just a little bit fancier.