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Bows Before Bros: Word of the Year Becomes Fashionable

Congratulations, Internet.

You’ve managed to dominate the way we use language thanks to social media. A survey carried out by the Global Language Monitor revealed that the word ‘hashtag’–referring to a system of labeling or tagging using the ‘#’ sign–is the third most popular word and ‘@pontifex’ is fourth most popular–referring to the Pope’s Twitter manager. Among others, ‘404’ which is the global meaning for internet fail came in second. But the usage of ‘fail’ also became popular on the internet and that came in second place.

The most popular word?


Oxford Dictionary dubbed ‘selfie’ the 2013 Word of the Year. For those of you who have been living under rocks and mountains, selfie means taking a photo of one self via smartphone or webcam and then posting it on social media. (Most likely to Instagram and hash tagging #selfie).

‘Twerk’ was considered but by popularity and usage that determines the winner, ‘selfie’ took the crown. Selfie isn’t a new word. ‘Selfie’ was first used in 2002 by an Australian male who tried describing a self-portrait he took. The word only really took off with popularity within the last year. Understandably so, though. We’ve all done it. Heck, even the Pope was featured in one. Social media has a large impact on all of us, and with more ways to share this or upload that, ‘selfie’ captures 2013 as the year of the self.

That said, here’s some ‘selfie’ swag so you can rock the word of the year from head to toe.

All the more reason to take another #selfie and show it off on the internet, right?

For the head

Everyone’s favorite word on a beanie. And for those of you who feel a little uncomfy when hashtagging #selfie or just never hashtag selfie, now you can do it guilt-free or jokingly because of your beanie.

For the body

This cozy sweater will show people your support for the 2013 word of the year.

Or you can get a little snarky with the Célfie shirt–a play on the word selfie.


Cutesy, funny and functional. Such a versatile tote.

Let’s take it even further by sticking selfie on your phone with this iPhone 5 case. And maybe you can take a mirror selfie shot so you can show people how up to date on the trends your phone is too.

For the toes

Keep your feet warm in these selfie socks and share photos of your feet.

#TheSelfie Gadget

This doesn’t have anything to do with clothing or accessories, but it can help you capture all of that in your selfies. It’s called #TheSelfie, and it’s raising the bar for quality self-photos. #TheSelfie is a shutter release button with a cable length of about 4.5 ft. All you have to do is plug it into your headphone jack and turn on camera mode. It’s Apple iPhone compatibility only. Sorry, Androids.

Maybe I’ll see some of you with your new swag when I search #selfie on Instagram.

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