Give Us Some Change

As college students, we do our laundry as infrequently as possible. For weeks, our stinking, dirty, moldy clothes sit in overflowing hampers until we have no clean socks—or dignity—left.

There are many reasons why we fail to do our laundry in a timely and consistent manner—we are lazy, for one, and the process is quite time-consuming.
Another reason could be that there is not one change machine on the Seattle University campus. Not. One.

Chuck E. Cheese has change machines. Corporate grocery stores have change machines. But, for some unfathomable reason, a university filled with coin-operated washing machines and dryers doesn’t?

Seattle U—please give us some change.

You would think at least one of the four laundry rooms on campus would play host to a convenient change machine that happily spits out quarters. At the very least, it seems logical that we should be able to find one next to the ATMs in the University Services Building. But, alas, there are none to be found and, as a result, students have only a handful of deeply annoying options when it comes to quarter-gathering.

We can walk to our host banks—a viable option except that most students do their laundry on Saturdays and Sundays when banks are closed or have limited hours. Yes, it would be nice to think that students could be proactive and stop by the bank earlier in the week, but the reality is that many of us have bigger tasks on our plate—like, for example, a entire newspaper to plan, edit, layout and distribute—and the errand often slips our minds.

We could also stumble, with our tails between our legs, into the Starbucks on Columbia Street or University Market and shamelessly beg them to donate quarters in exchange for our dollar bills. But, getting any of those nice people to hand over more than $3 in quarters is unlikely—they don’t have thousands of quarters at their disposal to give to pathetic, dirty college students.

Please give us change machines. Please. All we want is clean clothes.