Bows Before Brows: Crown Yourself With Wires

The hair is the crown of your look.

To me, anyway. Whenever I have a good hair day and take the time to style my hair, I know I’m going to have a good day. And in the same respect, if I’m having a bad hair day, I automatically feel frumpy.

Whenever I watch fashion shows or look at different look books, I’m amazed at how much a certain selection in hairstyle can really make the whole ensemble pop and pull the fashion theme together.

Of course, we don’t all have time to style our hair every single day, and nothing is wrong with wearing your hair down as it is.

But sometimes, it’s nice to add something. Whether it’s bows (my favorite—just look at my column name) or pins, there are so many accessories out there for hair.

My current favorite is wire headbands.

Bianca Sewake
Bianca Sewake

One of my wire headbands.

It was a trend that started last year and became especially popular this past spring and summer. However, it’s still trending this fall, and how can you not love it?

Headbands are one of those accessories that will never go out of style. But to have it in wire form makes it more customizable.

Wire headbands make it easy to adjust to your head so that it fits comfortably, and it actually stays put. You can also style the ends however you want: bow, knot or turn it upside down and hide it under your hair. It’s like three headbands in one—It’s variety, and I like variety.

It instantly dresses up my hair, or adds dimension to my outfit. It’s also good for days when I’m studying my brains out and need to move my bangs out of my face so that I have nothing distracting me from getting work done.

Bianca Sewake
Bianca Sewake

This is how I wear my wire headband on days when I do hardcore studying. It keeps all my hair out of the way so I can focus on my work.

It’s also something that, depending on how it’s worn can really dress up and be a focal point of your outfit.

The absolute best part about wire headbands? It takes 10 seconds to put it on, making it one of the easiest ways to add some dimension to your look.

Bianca Sewake
Bianca Sewake

This literally took me ten seconds to put on.