An Ode to Coca Cola

Thank you, Seattle University, for taking the leap and switching to America’s favorite soda, Coca-Cola.

Pepsi isn’t bad—don’t get us wrong—but Coca–Cola is simply the superior drink. In honor of the new partnership, we’ve compiled a list of the things we love most about the red-canned beverage:

• Coca-Cola is crisp.
• PepsiCo has yet to remove 4-methylimidazole—an ingredient that has been proven to cause cancer—from all their products even though they said they would. Coca-Cola, on the other hand, removed 4-mel over the summer.
• The branding is classy and the script is elegant.
• Coca-Cola uses the same colors at Seattle U.
• It was once peddled as medicine for headaches, impotence and morphine addictions.
• The Coca-Cola polar bear is adorable.
• Because of Coca-Cola, we can play touch-screen video games on the new vending machines in Cherry Street Market.
• David Bowie is a former spokesperson for Coca-Cola. So are Bill Cosby, Whitney Houston and The Beatles.
• Until yesterday, Coca-Cola was the world’s most valuable brand. Even though Apple has officially surpassed them, we still think that’s quite an accomplishment.
• The company is planning to set up kiosks that offer water, Internet and electricity in 20 developing countries.
• Coke’s commercials are really high-quality and always make us feel awesome.
• Coca-Cola has a nickname and Pepsi doesn’t—a nickname so popular in fact that some states refer to all sodas as “Coke.” That’s power.
• The taste of Coca-Cola is the taste of the U.S.A.

So here’s to you, Coca-Cola. We’re happy to have you.