Grand Theft Auto Not So Grand for Women

Although there are female gamers throughout the world, one game in particular has not made itself very femme-friendly as of late.

“Grand Theft Auto V” was released on Sept. 17 by Rockstar Games. Its vast fan base helped the game to achieve an astonishing revenue of $1 billion in three days, and about 15 percent of these fans were women.

While that number may seem a bit low, it is also important to realize that these women, along with their male counterparts, are given the opportunity in this extension of the “Grand Theft Auto” world to grope and fondle strippers.

The objective of this scene in the game is to fondle the stripper mid-lap dance until your “Like” meter at the bottom of the screen is completely filled, meaning she will go home with you. At this point, you can decide what kind of sex you have with the stripper.

“Grand Theft Auto” is such a popular series that its fifth installment would have incredible sales regardless of content. At this point, it seems that the game’s creators are going for shock value over quality, a cheap ploy that isn’t provocative or edgy but simply lazy.

For such an iconic game, this scene is simply sloppy, even more so than we’ve come to expect from the series.

Women are underrepresented in video games without the makers of “Grand Theft Auto” relegating them to the role of strippers there to be groped.