Editorial: Seattle U: A Case of Split Identities?

The divestment rallies, the academics vs. athletic debates, and various other groups and coalitions that have sprung up on campus are working to incite conversations regarding different possible identities at Seattle U. Kudos to those seeking a central and general identity among our community, as it provides for thriving progress and understanding. However, all the hoopla begs the question whether Seattle University possesses an identity that could be described in one sentence or not.

For starters, Seattle U is a Catholic university. Thirty-three percent of the student body identifies as Catholic. Essentially, this means that one could assume with sufficient accuracy that 67 percent of the student body does not in fact identify with Seattle U’s main identity. Peculiar.

A second stigma attached to our lovely school is its attractive nature to hipsters. We appreciate the various Scratch performances scattered about the school year, and equally enjoy the music emanating from the hill outside Lemieux when the sun is shining. However, we would like to point out the innumerable amount of students we cross paths with in our days who aren’t sporting wide-rimmed glasses and high-rise shorts that cover belly-buttons instead of bottoms. It is safe to say that a large portion of the student body also did not come to Seattle U seeking to further fulfill their inner hipster identity.

It is difficult to stake the claim that Seattle U has an official identity that athletics could alter, even if they were making a large enough impact in the WAC.