Editorial: Dialogue Must Continue After This Issue

We are calling this particular Spectator issue a community forum, but really every issue of The Spectator is a community forum. Since newspapers began, their use and purpose has fluctuated through times of war, recession and success. But the mission of accessibility has remained constant. Newspapers are written and read by the people. As students at Seattle Universtiy, we are all the people. The quality of this newspaper matters to us at The Spectator because your opinions matter to us.

We don’t want the dialogue to stop here. Rather, we hope that this newspaper, your newspaper, can act as a continuous opportunity for feedback and discussion. We are not only open to opinions, we are eager for them. As students at Seattle U, you have a great opportunity, and even a duty perhaps, to contribute your voice to the community when you see or experience something that feels unjust or unfair. Often, our voices can seem lost within a large majority or population. But we want your voice heard here and we want your voice heard in every issue following this one.

This issue is highlighting a portion of the paper that has always, and will always exist. Didn’t have a chance to send a letter this week? You can write one to our opinion section for any of the upcoming issues. The idea of The Spectator being a community forum shouldn’t be a unique occurrence. Utilize this newspaper as a place to share comments, concerns, questions—positive or critical—with your peers, colleagues and educators. You don’t have to be spectators in this community, continue to speak up.